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Willie Goes To Washington

pharmacy benefit manager reform

Why is pbm reform important?

The control that the Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) have over the drug market is overwhelming and corrupt. PBMs have the power to determine which pharmacies you can visit, what medications are covered by plans, and much more.  Current Prescription Benefit Managers like Express Scripts, Optum, and Caremark control 80% of the prescription drug market.  This is why Willie is Going to Washington, to fight for PBM reform.

In 2023, over 300 independent pharmacies closed their doors. That is almost one a day.  Many more are at risk without significant reimbursement reform. Community pharmacists have answered our calls to action and sent over 10,000 messages to Congress since January. Yet, PBM reform hangs by a thread.

Why Does pbm reform matter?

-there are 19,400 community pharmacies in America

-These pharmacies hired 230,000 individuals in 2023

-A survey of 800 community pharmacies states:
32% are considering closing, due to Medicare not reimbursing above the cost of medication.

-93% say they may drop Medicare Part D in 2025 if nothing changes

-Over half of the stores surveyed state that Medicare Part D accounts for 40% or more of their business.

-3 of every 10 prescriptions are reimbursed under the actual cost of medication.

-300 community pharmacies closed last year

-There are 2200 fewer community pharmacies in the nation than there were 4 years ago.

Call and email your legislators today and tell them we need PBM reform NOW! Click here to start

Learn More about Pbm and how it is effecting your healthcare costs



How to File a Medicare Complaint:

1. File a Medicare complaint online:
• If your issue remains unresolved with your plan, you can file a complaint with Medicare online: click here 
• Choose the complaint type related to “Prescription Drugs” and follow the instructions.
2. Call Medicare:
• You can also call Medicare directly at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) to discuss your complaint.

PBM Reform Today!