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Welcome TO Our Soda Fountain

Our Soda Fountain Story

Lee's Inlet Soda FountainWhen God began to unfold the dream of Lee’s Inlet Apothecary, we knew right from the beginning that having a soda fountain was part of that dream we just did not know exactly how to go about obtaining one! We finally stumbled on a little site we know all know as eBay, but back in the early 2000’s, I had never even heard of such a thing! eBay would be what led us to find our 1920’s soda fountain. We would become the third owners and the stipulation for us to purchase it was that it would always be for public use. The reason for this stipulation was so that the original owner’s grandson might walk into an establishment one day and once more sit at his grandfather’s soda fountain. She is a real beauty with a milk glass front and a marble top, and she is also a true piece of American history for our soda fountain use to sit on Route 66! I am sure if she could talk there would be some amazing stories to tell! Upon purchasing our soda fountain we began to look for how to ship her to us. Her marble counter is quite HEAVY and so shipping her such a distance was proving to be quite the challenge and the expense. The people we purchased her from decided they would rent a U-Haul truck, put their gold wing motorcycle in the front of its bed and load that soda fountain up and bring it to us themselves! Our little fountain traveled as snug as a ‘bug in a rug’ all the way from Oklahoma to Murrells Inlet and was dropped off to us and put in a storage unit since we had yet to secure a location for our store. Like we have always said…this adventure was a GOD thing, and He was the One moving us along and making the puzzle pieces fit!! Upon the soda fountain’s safe placement in the storage shed we took our newfound friends to dinner at Lee’s Inlet Kitchen and put them up in a local hotel for the night. The next morning, they took off on their motorcycle to visit some relatives in Tennessee and we have never seen them in person again! We keep in touch through social media, and they always love to hear when the soda fountain gets written up in the local news. Our sweet fountain is now over a century old and yet she is still standing tall and still being a spot for people to come and gather around whether with their sweethearts, their friends, or their grandkids! We love the fact that for over two decades now we have been the spot where our soda fountain sits and sandwiches and milkshakes and egg cremes are served atop her milk glass counter for the locals and tourists who walk through our doors. Next time you are in the area, stop in, sit down, and grab a sweet treat or a sandwich and stay awhile with us.