Doing our part to help keep pharmaceuticals out of South Carolina’s rivers, lakes, and drinking water, Lee’s Inlet Apothecary is a safe disposal of unwanted medications.

Our Medistroy program sends returned medications to a fully licensed and regulated incineration facility. Both the EPA and World Health Organization recommend this method of disposal over flushing or throwing away unused medications. Please check below to find out which medications are accepted, and how to return them to Lee’s Inlet Apothecary.

Returning Your Unwanted Medicines to Lee’s Inlet Apothecary Couldn’t Be Easier. A Service Free to Our Customers.

  1. Gather your unwanted medications and other approved items.
  2. Keep them in their original containers (mark out any personal information if you wish, but do not mark out the name of the medicine!).
  3. Bring the medications to Lee’s Inlet Apothecary.
  4. Give the medications to a Lee’s Inlet Apothecary pharmacist.

Control Drug
1-2 Items- $10.00
3-5 Items- $15.00
6-10 Items- $25.00

Non-Control Drug
1-2 Items- $5.00
3-5 Items- $10.00
1 Bag- $20.00
1 Lg Bag- $30.00

Products should be left in the packaging in which the medication was dispensed. This will provide a means of disposing of the packaging, contain and protect the medication in transit, and minimize any exposure.

Lee’s Inlet Apothecary can only accept unused medications from customers or customers’ caregivers. Inventory from another healthcare center is NOT acceptable. Questions? Check with the pharmacists at Lee’s Inlet Apothecary.

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